June 27, 2009

That was me,

the one they show in the video

falling at Normandy

right into the surf.

Each time you see it,

You wonder.

Whoes son was that?
Whoes father, brother?

And we go by it.

A portrait of death.

I can’t bring him back

I can make breath

fill him again.


That portrait

is the door hanger

at the death gate.


Here it here,

ring and enter

where faces end,

where humor ceases

the blest leave

 And belief?

Well, we could hope

make a wager

no matter how meager

that he would have some share,

Who knows?  Who knows?


But that photo war ghost

plays over and over,

the waves washing the body

the gate and the door

living among ruins.


27 June 09