Safety 4000 Ergonomics and Safety

Safety 4000 Ergonomics will start on August 22/23 (Friday and Sunday).  I will be attaching a class outline for the course.  Here are some idea I have in mind:

Outline and discussion.

1.  Course Introduction.  What is ergonomics?  History of Ergonomics,

2.  Overall Health Effects.  So what?  Why is Ergonomics important?  What is the injury/illness rate related to this area?  Why should you care?

3.  Lab:  Evaluation of Computer Workstation.  First real application of ergonomics.  We will select several computer workstations and evaluate them.  We will also discuss the interview of workers to determine ergo effects.

4.  Evaluation of hand tools.  Types and designs.

5.  Discussion/evaluation of health effects of tools

6.  Final Examination/Practical.   Based on student feedback, this could be a take-home examination.

Labs. Labs are very important. They are the application of the information you have learned in the lecture/discussion.  They provide a practical application of the material.

Papers: 1 paper on suggested criteria on Ergonomic problems. Please make the example specific. Such as a standard for hand tools.  Follow the OSHA examples.  Be prepared to present your paper for discussion in class.  If you can bring an example of the tool you studied, it is worth extra points to your grade.

Paper requirements: 5-7 pages.  3 references minimum.   Extra credit is given for additional references.  Please provide analysis.   Why do you think this is important?  What would  the industry cost to implement the standard,  how many injuries/illnesses would be prevented?

Due: On or before 11 October 2008. If you can turn in your paper early, I’ll review and comment before the grade is due.

Media. I will be providing videos on ergonomics.  The material in the videos is testable.  If there are questions about the material, please ask.

If you have any questions, please call or email.



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