Hey Guys,

I am interested in your comments regarding the class.  If there things about the class you like, please tell me and, of course, things you don’t like.  I want to hear about those too.   I think this was a good first weekend.  The NASA video hits home about High Risk Technologies.  This next weekend, we’ll look at others. Chapter 2 discusses the Culture Groups.  We’ll go into detail on that.   Chapter 4 mentions several major accidents including the Chernobyl,  King Cross Underground and the Ferry accident.  Each one has it own set of unique situations and yet each one shares common root causes.  If you have the chance, check them out on  Chapter 5 is about personalities.  That is an interesting area too.  Again, Chapter 6 on models is important.   I was thinking about the papers that go with the models – three pages is fine.  Just describe your model and applications, talk about the key attributes and how they defer from the established model.  Thanks again, you are a great class.  I’ll see you friday.




One Response to Comments?

  1. shortdigitalpictures says:

    hey ya, thanks for the comment! It’s nice haring other people’s thoughts on it. didn’t know where to reply so writing here 🙂 i have but that’s poetry and a completely different subject. feel free to pop back in on the blog as i will be updating it frequently 🙂


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