A Note about Hazers…

Hazers are devices used to produce smoke or fog effects in productions, plays and recently in churches.  They produce a fine particulate that has been shown to effect asthmatics in severe ways.  One exposure can cause sensitization and a second a severe asthma attack.  Unfortunately, the second attack can cause long-term and life-term damage.   The devices use various material for producing the smoke/fog.  Some use dry-ice (CO2) while others use glycerin.   It should be noted that if the unit overheats, it can produce acrolein, a suspect carcinogen.

Recently, some churches have begun using hazers for their services despite warnings and concerns by the congregation and music department. As a result, some individuals have experienced the worst type reaction that is possible causing them to stop attending services.  If your church is planning on using these devices, please advise them on the effects.  Encourage them to research the material they plan to use and think about the effects.  For a little light show, it’s not worth the long-term lung damage these materials can cause. 


Dave, 12 Oct 08


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