Final Examination – due on 10 Oct 08

Here it is, the final for the Safe 4000 course.  As I mentioned, it is 25 mixed questions:  multiple choice, fill in and True/False.  There is one extra credit question worth 4 points.  You guys did a great job! I enjoyed teaching the class.   I’m looking forward to seeing your results on this test.  The next class,  we will summarize the course materials and discuss the final. This is your chance to ask questions regarding the final. 

Just a reminder, there will be no class on Saturday, October 4.  This is an extra day to review the final and get started if you haven’t already.  Note, the extra credit question on the final will require a little study.  here is a Hint, the material is in the TLV book,  page162,  and page 163, Table 1 “TLV for lifting Tasks.” 

Table 1 has data  for lifts closer than 30 cm. The maximum lift is 16 kg.   The Safety Professional should consider these conditions when deciding if the weight allowed should be reduced.  This information is also listed on page 162 such as ” high-frequency lifts   >360 lifts per hour;  more than 30 degrees angle and one handed lifts.   This should help in answering the question.  Note that 16 kg is the limit (TLV) for lifts horizontally at less than 30 cm.  Note that as the distance increases, the amount of weight allowed for the lift decreases.

 If you have questions, you can email, of course, at

Feedback. Please provide feedback on the course. I read every line and I promised I try to incorporate your comments.  Thanks so much,




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