Good First Class

August 24, 2008

Hey Guys,

Good First class. I will be posting all the slides to the class very soon. We only covered 71 of the 138 slides but that’s ok. We should make more progress next week. If you get a chance, please consider looking up Human Factors Engineering (HFE) on and other sites. There is good information on the Univ of Michigan site.

As I mentioned in class, the paper is a proposed regulation on Ergonomics. Pick a particular industry. Perhaps Poultry, construction or others. (Construction would be harder because it a broad category) You’ll have to conduct some research into the injury rates for that industry. Remember that your proposed regulation needs to address the ‘Why’ the regulation is needed. The video described talked to the six elements. These should be addressed in your paper. Please list your references and properly footnote them. Talk to how much $$$ will be saved by this new regulation. By the third class, we will be discussing our papers in class.

Next class, there may be a quiz the second day (saturday) to see what you have learned thus far. It is only 10 questions. We will also talk about specific industries and the health effects.

If you have any questions regarding the materials, please let me know. Thanks!

Dave Barber