Safety 4900, Week 2.

Hi Folks,

Sorry I’m late in getting in on the webpage.  Here are the class slides.  Please write if you have any questions.  The various accidents we watched were from and other sites.   I can send them if you’d like to watch them.  As I mentioned,  only 1 paper is required – two was too much.  The paper is one accident/event.  For example, you could write on Bhopal.   Please include where you believe it falls on the matrix –  Heirarchal, egalatarian, etc.  Also, please include if it was human error and the type.

Next class meeting, please bring your safety behavior model.  The examples (types) in chapter 6 are a start, but please build your own.  My goal is to review some in class and to discuss them.  We may place a model or two on the board and talk thru them as a team.  I’ll start with mine and you guys can critique it.

Lastly,  the final – I’m working on it now and I’m about half-way through.  It will be a take home.  Last class meeting, please bring your paper and the behavior model.  I’ll have the final posted.  If for some reason you can’t access them, please let me know. I’ll email them to you.  The final is due by 18 July 08 so that I can send it final grades.    Sound ok?






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