Final: Safety 4900 High Risk Technologies

June 22, 2008



Here is the final examination for Safety 4900. I got it done. It has been a pleasure to present this information. You guys are a great class. I’ve learned so much just listening to the dialog and discussion in the classroom. My hope is that you’ll see the value of this information beyond the classroom and be able to use the information in your work. Being able to understand risk management, safety culture and communicate that to others is a critical skill in the safety field.

I’ve also attached a course critique form to this posting. Please consider completing one and sending it back. Be honest about your classroom experience. I look forward to reading your comments.

The last meeting, we will review the course materials in brief, talk about the test and answer questions. Please take the Saturday to work on the final, model and the paper. All these are due on the 18 July 2008. Thanks again, each of you are awesome! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know.



3rd Week Done!

June 21, 2008

We’re almost there!  One more meeting and we’re done.  Good class. I hope that the concepts of networks, groups and safety are clear.  The links to those slides are right here.  Next meeting, we will review the concepts from the course and the final.  The final will be posted late today or tomorrow. Hope that’s ok.  Just one more day to work it. I want to make sure it’s right.







Diagram on Behavior Model.

My third behavior model

3rd Week – Getting Ready

June 8, 2008


Third week is coming in two weeks. Here are slides to start the process. I’m sorry, I’ll try to do better about providing the material sooner.




Safety 4900, Week 2.

June 7, 2008

Hi Folks,

Sorry I’m late in getting in on the webpage.  Here are the class slides.  Please write if you have any questions.  The various accidents we watched were from and other sites.   I can send them if you’d like to watch them.  As I mentioned,  only 1 paper is required – two was too much.  The paper is one accident/event.  For example, you could write on Bhopal.   Please include where you believe it falls on the matrix –  Heirarchal, egalatarian, etc.  Also, please include if it was human error and the type.

Next class meeting, please bring your safety behavior model.  The examples (types) in chapter 6 are a start, but please build your own.  My goal is to review some in class and to discuss them.  We may place a model or two on the board and talk thru them as a team.  I’ll start with mine and you guys can critique it.

Lastly,  the final – I’m working on it now and I’m about half-way through.  It will be a take home.  Last class meeting, please bring your paper and the behavior model.  I’ll have the final posted.  If for some reason you can’t access them, please let me know. I’ll email them to you.  The final is due by 18 July 08 so that I can send it final grades.    Sound ok?





Great First Weekend

June 1, 2008

That was a great weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed the class.  As always, I’m open to suggestion on the class. Please let me know.  Please read the chapters we discussed.  Chapter 4 will be discussed at length as well as chapter 5 on personalities.  We’ll watch several videos regarding accidents and their causes.  Please start thinking about your behavior model.   We will talk about those next weekend.  Chapter 6 has more information.  In the other book, “Normal Accidents”,  the book discusses centralized organizations in chapter 9.  It also discusses organizational couplings.  We’ll discuss this too.   I should have the slides up soon for next weekend.