Almost Done!

Here it is,  the last class coming up.  I wanted to pass on how much I’ve enjoyed teaching this class.  I’ve learned a great deal from all of you.  I appreciate all your feedback.  My goal is to improve the course for the next time.  

This last class, we will have a short review and discussion.  I want to ensure that we’re covered and refreshed the material.  I’ll ask each of you to complete a questionnaire on the course.   I value each of your comments.   I’ll have the final examination posted very shortly.  Please read it carefully, answer the questions as in the instructions.  Don’t ‘fluff’ the answers.  If possible,  please turn in the test by the 13/14 July and no later than the following Wednesday – the 18th.  I need time to grade them and provide them to UCM.   Thanks!

So,  I know that we couldn’t cover all aspects of Industrial Hygiene.  There are just too many to compress into a single class.  But,  the door is wide open for your exploration.  There’s no reason you couldn’t go on an adventure into IH yourself.    Be the Mongoose!

See you on the 13th.




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