Week 2, 15/16 June 07

So, what’s coming up?  We’ll start the second week with a review of what we learned. Please start working on those papers,  they’re due next meeting.  If you have questions, please send an email or call me.    We’ll talk about the TLV odor thresholds, vapors, fumes and aerosols in greater detail.    We’ll introduce the idea of “What is a Hazard?”  and discuss Risk.  What is it?  How do I define it?  We’ll talk about a industrial hygiene walkdown.   Then, we’ll end the weekend with a discussion of some direct reading instruments and real brief discussion about ventilation systems. 

 Even as I write this, I have the mid-term study guide almost ready.  It will be posted right here.  Please feel free to comment on this site, leave comments and questions.  My goal is make this site a resource for you.
References:  Text Chapters 1-9,  Chapter 33, Ventilation



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