Week 1

It’s started! So what do you think? Good/ok/? One of my goals is to improve the course as it proceeds. Thanks for helping! I appreciate all the comments. I’ll continue to stay organized and provide the information to you as I have it. Week 2 will start with a quick review of where we’ve been. I’ll talk about AREC. (This acronym should be familiar now.) and TLVs. Then, we’re get into the next objectives.

As you work on the papers, please share them with me. I’d love to read them before next class meeting. If you don’t mind, I’ll provide comments. If you can’t decide on a topic, send an email, I’ll help. Just a reminder – next meeting is on 15 June 07, 6pm.

Slides Class, 18 May 07:

Introduction Slides

Toxicology Introduction


Other: APA Format


2 Responses to Week 1

  1. Elizabeth and Maria says:

    We have a question on the two papers. Do we write a paper on a current IH topic? Or on a selected chemical as mentioned in the course outline?


  2. Dave Barber says:

    No, The paper only has to be 7-10 pages. If you want to write a longer paper, that would be cool (and worth more points!) but not required.

    Yes, please write one paper on a current IH topic and one on a historical figure (person) or event. For example, you could write about the 1968 WV Mine event that triggered MSHA. Sound ok?


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